Read Time:1 Minute, 37 Second [Prose In Verse II]
Many-tiaraed nymph – with sensations so wide
– Now, calm, still waters, now, a raging tide!
Wonderful One, so alluringly wild,
Silently sweet and mellifluously mild;
Empress of Parnassus at whose command
Words dance into this famished poet’s hand,
Your praise this famished bard still hopes to sing,
In all the lands and climes his fate may bring.
Grant him the right to soar on fancy’s wings,
And whisper this into the ears of kings:

“You mortal men sitting on mighty thrones
Who swim in lucre while your country groans;
Whose waking days and dying nights remain
Endlessly hallowed to the god of gain;
Though you profess equal facility
Your rule mocks the statue of liberty,
Go to the ants, and then to she most dear,
Go. From her, learn how, for people, to care.
Let her teach you the virtues of the just
That you may justly rule without sway-lust.
Learn how to build relations – or to mend,
Learn to treat each citizen as a friend.
Learn how to manage those natural toys
On which depends a people’s pains or joys;
Learn to adjust, or even to change your views,
Or else loud acclaim turn to thundering boos.
Learn when to tighten, to loosen the rein,
Then, statesmen, citizens will bless your reign.

Would you heed not? Prepare! Anarchy waits
(It needs no fishes in the pond, just baits),
Or revolution – whether good or ill,
Or caricatures from the angry quill:
Forfeit of honour or forfeit of life
Will occur when resentment becomes rife
The ignominy of a stinking name
Precedes interment in the Hall of Shame.

My message done, O Queen, let me descend
From fancy’s heights and to your court attend;
Let me bask in the glory of your grace
And take strolls in the palace of your face.

Written by: Emmanuel Oluwaseun Dairo

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