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PROMISES by Joshua Levites

Read Time:40 Second

Promise me gold,
Pledge priceless treasures untold.
Swear you’ll give me the world;
The Sun, Moon and the stars i will Lord.

Vow you will make me rich
Food, Cloth and shelter i will never need.
Tell me i’ll be famous,
Sought after for selfies by the anonymous.

Promise me love with no friction,
And a union void of dissension.
Pledge to me your very life,
Vow for me you live and for me you’ll die.

Buy me the heaven and the earth,
Even paradise and Hell.
Guard me with the host of angels,
And make demons my house-helps.

Promise me everything
Even the things i do not need.
Promise me these things you’ll do
Please lie, if you have to.

PROMISES by Joshua Levites