PRAGMATIC LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria

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How can you tell me to marry for love
When the pantry houses crickets
and the chirpings decibels magnified by the hollow space
With hungry mouths to feed and dying parents to cater for

How can you talk of marrying for love
When cupid’s arrow comes with no guarantee that it will be there
when nature comes to collect her loaned transient beauty
and his eyes wanders to the new recipients?

How can you tell me to focus on love as the sole ingredient
when he has been told he can love four times,
that i am not enough to receive all his love
I am only worthy of a quarter of his emotions
Why dont you tell me to marry for advantages
that can make me stronger, self sufficient and confident
Tell me to enter a functional union that will liberate me
from poverty and give my children a better head start

And should cupid shoots an arrow,
it should be the icing and not the cake
because sometimes love is not enough
when faced with hungry mouths, constant competition and dismal future.

PRAGMATIC LOVE by Bamas Sinach VicToria

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