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What a day my heart seeks to behold!
When dusk shall welcome dawn
With smile and a handshake
And the dark cloud shall step aside in peace.

Then rays of hope be emitted
From the sun strolling from the east
Accompanied with tweeting birds
Whispering to my ears ” Good Morning.”

Oh! That glorious and chirpy day
When noon shall warmly embrace dawn
When the stream shall wash away my sorrow
As I dine in serenity with my lover.

Hatred shall be beheaded
And malice amputated.
Love shall spread like whirl harmattan fire
And kindness bloom to its fullness.

Men shall feast openly
Without cause for fear or worry.
Kids will play with the tails of tigers
And remove stones from the mouth of snakes.

That perfect day must not be in thy dream
But in reality
For evil shall drown in the sea of frustration
And wickedness shall hurry to commit suicide.

I shall hit the hay happily
From the tales of nighttime
Gaze at the moon and stars
And pray for another PERFECT DAY
While crickets sing me a lullaby.

Okeme Jerome

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