PARADOX OF CHOICE by Morenikeji Oloye

Read Time:55 Second

Lara has these hot eyes that melt everything on my inside.
She’s got this figure that makes me crave for more of her.
Her intellectual ability is so divine, I call it her pride.
However, I still don’t think we are meant for each other!

Chioma,Oh Chioma! She is a real man’s pride.
She will make a caring wife and a super mother.
Her great sense of humor is a fact I cannot hide.
But, I still don’t think we are destined for each other!

Nafisat, you will agree, is a sent-from-heaven bride.
She’s really devoted and has a good relationship with her Maker.
The whole world stops and stares when she takes each stride.
Nonetheless, I still don’t think we are made for each other!

My name is Charles and I’m finding it hard to decide.
Lara is stone-hearted; no respect for anyone, that’s Chioma.
And Nafisat – she’s so dumb, she could pass for a bromide.
I think I’ll wait a little longer for the perfect significant other!

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