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Empty hopes sunk in bloody impoverishment
Battered, brutalized by ‘GeePee’ tank bellies
They escort the gold to fatten their pulse
And package poverty to bless the shallow forks

Boko harms Nigerians, slaughtered as rams
Parents are orphaned, children made childless
R.I.P becomes an anthem, fear floods the green fields
As we earn terrorism, stoke and deaths

Our motherland is now blood sucking soil
As untapped talents are buried under our oil
Bomb blasts are now our sentimental blues
Our feet dance to the rhythms of dreadful woes

Shall we applaud the incompetent rulers?
They make daft promises for lacking securities
Shall we thumb for the Umbrella again?
After yet again failing to shield us from the rain

Shell we pick the promising brooms
That’ve started sweeping impoverish dirt?


Written by: Doubra God’swill Grikpa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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