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Let’s stop to think of the end
When the road ends
And there is no bend
When we have to pay the debt –
Owed from birth

This debt all men must pay
No matter how long his days
Beneath earth he shall lay

Let’s try to think of that time,
As we might never say good bye
Nor would we take along a dime
When finally, breathless, we lay!

Let’s pause to know where we are headed–
As we won’t forever be here,
When this place fades
And all is ended.

What’s beneath the earth?
What lies in wait?
Beneath the earth filled bed?
Is it the final rest?
Or just the last sleep?

My confused mind wonders
But an enlightened soul answered.
“Just beneath that earth,
Is Heaven or Hell”.

Written by: Kehinde Fatai
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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