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OSU by Ololade Akinlabi

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Daughter of Osu,
Our father is a prudent squanderer,
Spends today prior tomorrow surfaces,
‘Tomorrow shall hold another blessing;’
Hitherto, tomorrow comes with barrenness.

And the calabash was bountifully emptied,
When rain rained yesterday;
As it rained so baba swallowed.
Hence, our throats nurtured deserts,
Very thirsty, our eyes sang song of tears.

Hence, Daina dined to baba’s wish,
Beautiful Dianna is an Osu,
Leased to the man of heavy pockets;
Pockets coloured with paper value.

Little Daina,
Heard your tearful voice
When the moon glorified the darkness,
Beatings from heavy pockets man,
Tortured from his toddlers yet to secret semen,

I pity your pains.

Little Daina,
Your days of Osu is longer from expiration,
Baba is a celebrated debtor,
From whose pockets harlots feed;
And scrubs the dusty road with liquor.

When the bush meats wrestle with his teeth,
He pens the sharpen tiny-stick in his mouth,
Onto the restful chair his ass rests
And legs strecth forward like a marcher,

‘I’ve no problem’ he says.