ORI: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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I have wandered amidst unsettled smokes,
Helpless flames have puzzled my identity.
I have forfeited that path,fashioned;
Which leads to eternal fortune.

Many Missed Major Marks
Enticed by shadows of life’s pleasure,
Their soul is breached by natural treasure.
But shall we tread same path?

Ori! Deity of his temple,
He has inscribed our destiny
On cemented paths to our future.
Discerning who we are,
he takes refuge on surfaces
Of our naive souls.

Nature conformed to Ori,
She flourished,
Even on deflowered atmosphere,
Water heeds Ori’s voice
And she became the earth’s stool.

Ori! Our Fate,
Let’s tread on her path through faith.
Don’t you believe? Just wait,
You’re vigorous and affluent under his bait.

Ori mi,
Gbemidebi Ire
Let me drink from your goblet,
The palmwine of Life,
So my worried belly
Shall marry its own wife.

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