ORDER OF THE DAY by Akodu Oluwaseun Shedrack

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When days were still days indeed.
When common man’s food was at hand
When we drank palmwine with one calabash.
When we had our nights without head-lost
There is an order.

When kings were kings,
In a domain of courtesy.
When Judge were judging
Hypocrisy was under chastisement
When doom was doom for the doom.
when there were no Jews nor Gentiles
There is an order.

When Minister still ministered to administer.
When the professors were not chieftaincy;honorary title.
When Education was free and your likes made it.
When unions were union, not this decorations.
There is an order.

When we talk and our voices were heard.
When pilgrimage holds its integrity and pilgrims are not criminals.
When songs were sung not these commotions.
When our colour was green and white,
And our nation best of Equals.
There is an order.

Now that our Judges judge corruption,
And our church is at the gate of hell.
Now that we sing to praise corruption.
Now that frauds are ordained priest.
Now that posterity is no longer left for the future.
There is an order.

ORDER OF THE DAY by Akodu Oluwaseun Shedrack.

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