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Once upon a time…

I remember something
From when I was still young
Yes, I think its a warm feeling
I remember love, within our family
A bond that was very strong

My mother
She is a dark, beautiful
With a gentle smile
She moves gaily, talks softly
Almost silent, flowing like River Nile
She hardly argues, never quarrels
For to her, these were ungodly

My Father…
He is also dark, handsome and bulky
With a simple lifestyle
Always serious, but sometimes funny
Moments spent with him are always worthwhile
After a meal of pounded yam he would say to mum:
“My angel, you always switch on in me the right Channel”
Things were rosy, we lived merrily

But soon came a time when all changed
Father turned wild, everything turned ugly
Home turned to barracks
Father was the army
And we were ordinary civilians
Punished for mistakes by torture
But Mother never changed!

His words come in barks
Father, became domestic warrior
And our lives become a daily horror
The love that lived with us is kidnapped
Mother cries till she became sickly
But father never cares
Always absent, never near

Even dressed in pressed clothes
His acts make me think he has on his head a madcap
For he gets beastly as quick as a handclap
One day he became unusually, angry
Argument turns to fight
Not minding Mothers heavy stomach
He handed her the beating of her life
Massaged her face till it became bloody

I remember the smack of his fists
Landing on her fleshy face
Blood gushed freely out of her pretty mouth
That was the last time Mother slept under his roof
She didn’t commit any crime…

Love was finally lost, never to be regained

I won’t forget, these fights
I want no woman treated this way
Trampled upon, punched around…
Don’t they also have a right?

This is my story…

Written by: Ola Writes
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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