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One silenced day…
So quiet she heard the leaves sing
Their hearts rings in worriness
Her face wet with tears
They kept their feelings at bay

Then, came the good news mixed with sadness
He’s dead, but heart still breathing
She was left alone in the world of shock
Until she was crowned with motherly pains

On a long lonely journey, he went
A father fathered him, but
He left with no one to call his son
No lips to kiss, tilted teats to suck, body to cradle
No bride price paid, no food served with bended kneels
In his prime age, he covered his nakedness with the ‘earth’

Oh! My heart weeps!
He is dust, and he returned to dust
His name erased from the soil
Not from our hearts, for there, he’s home

*I wrote this poem in remembrance of a friend of mine, Femi, who died, after he was hit by a car, on January 2008. He was first in a coma before he gave up the ghost. He was at the time in his final year in secondary school. May his soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

Written by: Adenugba Temitope Theresa

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