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ONCE UPON A TIME by Uchenna Odukwu

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Once upon a time

In a country I call mine

There rose a broom party

Fed by change clothed sympathy


An entity of old wine in a new skin

A unity of souls, so selfishly mean

Cobbled together by a sole interest

To grab the treasury’s crest


They swore to fight corruption

The very thing draped over their body like a lotion

Not surprised by sweet things they say

Worried about how crooked their way


With the common man at the bitter end

They label it their predecessor’s trend

Now we know the truth untold

How a blend of cluelessness and hypocrisy put the nation’s future on hold


We’ll never fall for their bait again

Once bitten twice makes the mind sane

Next time they start crying for our vote

We’ll use it as a door out of their sinking boat .

About Post Author

Uchenna Odukwu

Uchenna Odukwu, a Student, Writer & Infoprenuer hails from Elele-Alimini, Rivers State. Uchenna places Premium on the following: GOD, RELATIONSHIPS, INFORMATION, MONEY, RESPECT & LOVE Uchenna delights in playing football, surfing the and more especially reading and writing. He is currently studying Political Science at the Prestigious Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt. You can connect with Uchenna on 2347032577721
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