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ON SUCH A NIGHT by Hannatu Adamu

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On such a night,

When it seems a zillion stars
Glitter about
Decorating the sky

When the moon seems at its best
And it seems hopeless to ever
Reveal all of its secrets;

When the heavens above
Dares one to unravel
Its mysteries;

When the nocturnal
Are up and about
Doing what is expected of them;

When it’s all silent
Except for the conversing insects
Interrupting once in a while;

When all is still,
But for the gentle breeze
That sweeps the grass;

When natural lights from above
Cast a soft glow On the creatures below,

On such a night,
I imagine,
Senseless feelings will give way
To foolish thoughts
And irresponsible actions will follow

On such a night as this,
I’m sure,
The humble and faithful Will renew their faith in God
And once again, wonder at His creation

On such a night
I’m certain,
An artist, a poet Will discover another muse
And the sky will never seem their limit

On such a night
Some will follow up
And execute their evil plans
Against innocent others;

On such a night
You will discover,
The Evil Whisperer will whisper
And evil-inclined hearts Will act;

On such a night I know,
One would think
One would wonder
One would act
On such a night.

ON SUCH A NIGHT by Hannatu Adamu
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