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The sight of dawn stares happiness
In the belly of the farmer
Dusk brings the hunter joy beyond compare
Àṣàkẹ́ ẹlẹ́yinjúẹgẹ́
The radiance of your eyeballs
Showers me with smiles from the soul

Your winking pointed breasts
Like round àkàrà moulded in hot palm oil
Is irresistible in the eyes of men
Your ever smiling lips
Are as inviting as honey inviting the ants
Your comely frame
Takes the semblance of the falls of Erin Ìjẹ̀ṣà
The àwòko sings prayerfully
Each time your name is mentioned

Your seductive waistline
Swings beautifully
Like the waves of the sea
The beaded waist
That causes me to lose my manliness
Like bees your love hovers round my head
Wearing me the fragrance of cold
And cladding me in goose pimples

On bended knees i pay homage
Before the altar of your heart
Thou precious coral and jewel of the universe
What sacrifice do i make
To engage your favour?

Written by: Albert Seraphin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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