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OMIDAN: by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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Hey Heart drummer
My heart gambled a beat
As you strolled down that twisted path
Of isolation,
I gazed at your legs as tiny diamonds
Danced about them.
Now my heart is frozen
Even amidst burning desire.

I beseech this sprinkling rain
To torment the facade of the sphere
So you can curtain beneath my shadow
And I shall weave you a bracelet
From my emotion.
Its certainly too ancient to talk about love,
But if this is lust,please let me stumble.

Night after night
In darkness I see your shadows in light,
I have an urge its wrong,
But having you is my right.
Let me design my words
Upon your roof-less soul
Yes,let me be your crown each night.

This path to your passion is slippery
But Please let me fall, for
Stars shall sing sacred songs
As winds shall cease to bang their gongs
For this night shall be inscribed
Even With silent words on deafened walls.
Let me crumble, maybe I shall rise again.

Smokes of lust has strangled my foresight
All I see is Omidan, she’s my insight.
Please write this on mysterious books
For this love is a mystery
Who knows, I might become a history.