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Why have you secured your soul
With greed?
Hunting the shadows of fortune,
You have acquired doom
From the fading bloom.

The creator
Sketched treasures on your palm,
But thou swapped it,
For the ruins of nature;
Now your destiny is entombed,
In the graveyard of uncertainty.

Darkness whispered your name
For wealth;
Your fate is inscribed
On the Oracle of emptiness;
Now; beneath the affluent clouds,
You seat,counting cowries of penury.

Why are your insights
Captured in the tunnel
Of shallow visions?
Your riches bask in your inside,
Seat beneath these meditating trees;
For on the brochure of your heart;
Is outlined the Aisle of treasure.

Wield, walk and work.
With this cutlass of diligence,
You shall behead negligence.
On this stool,
Beneath the retired sun,
Will I take my leisure;
Till you emerge
With the seed of pleasure.

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