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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [Oh God, Why This Christmas Punishment]
Dear God, you set out last week or thereabout
to give us the feeling that Christmas is around the corner
with the breezy harmattan that set in after surprising rainfalls
that lasted longer than we’ve always had.

But right in the Christmas eve and Christmas itself
you allowed the whole air to go on strike
only to just let out very few of its invisible wisps
to those who have no option than stay outside with bare bodies

I had thought that you’d make us enjoy this Xxmas more
by allowing your inexhaustible breeze from your gift of ‘uguru’ come upon us
instead you allowed us to sweat profusely –
such sweats that can make you strip naked in anger

Dear God, the heat we are experiencing here in the East
even throughout Nigeria can drive someone crazy
let alone those ones that came Home
after many years of being abroad

Imagine the HELL some of us are experiencing
while battling mosquitoes and heat together. Can you imagine
some of us doing such battles without the availability of electricity
in our houses? Baba God, hell has no other description than that.

Papa, Olodumare, Igwe, biko, release your uguru upon us
and let the gentle — even violent breeze — that comes with it come upon us
We’ll appreciate it even if our lips are cracked and our bodies whitened
than slapping our bodies silly against mosquitoes and fanning ourselves
like we ceaselessly do to a gather firewood meant for cooking.

Just this I ask you on behalf of ndi heat na-agbaka isi ebe
obuna fa no na Naijiria in Jesus’ name.

Can I hear you say Amen?

*NOTE: This was originally an article, broken into verses by the editor…

Written by: Chijioke Ngobili

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