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Read Time:1 Minute, 30 Second [O Friend]
In the arch age, arrows are most dreaded
Ravenous Swords and jackknives too
Of ghastly fear and shock in man they render
In this jet age, bombs and missiles are most frightful
At a shot, a thousand fall and kiss the earth
But none of these perturbs my heart
None I say, do I dread than your distrust

O friend, your distrust do I fear
More than my worst nightmare
More than the witch’s empty threat
O friend, when prophets and prophetesses
Of falsehood beckon at your visage;
When they visit the abode of your heart with true lies
When grapevines fly hither and thither in the county
For sole sake our friendship, be ye wary of them.
O friend, I plead thee.

Swim not with them in oceans of unreason
Ne’er dwell with them in their island of foolishness
Tarry hither and wait for me in the desert of wisdom
In that dusty path of truth, I’ll meet you with love
Love, sweet and pure
Purer than crystal
Sweeter than honey
There shall we feast, nurture and mend our bond
That same bond that made us acquaintance
And transformed us to inseparable lovebirds

Good things they say, liveth not forever
But verily I say unto thee,
Ours shall transcend time and space
And the frailest of truth can’t be killed by legions of lies
Pay no mind to the chattering of the market
Lavish thy attention over me; your worthy commodity
For I dread your distrust oh friend
Even more than the ripper’s fang
And this alliance of ours, hath more valuable
to me than the finest of gold!

Written by: Adebayo D’Redeemd Smartfingers
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson