Read Time:1 Minute, 5 Second [Not Christmas]
The cold harmattan sun
The green grass lawn
The white faces
Red and white ribbons in all places
This is not

The iroko christmas tree
The wisemen, the gifts
see, the
Free fine flavoured food
And the
Fragile fake freedom freely flowing from few fading fire fierce frowning faces
Buying precious stones
Not the rock of ages
Is not

It’s not the innocent chicken blood that will be shed
Or the fire works shot
Making the sky red
Kpa-kpa-kpa the knock out on boxing day
Or the new clothes worn on christmas day

It’s not the high prices in the market
That make fun of your wallet
It’s not about the street party
Or the little stars on your christmas tree

It’s not about santa phrase
Or merry christmas, same to you; the cliche clause
It’s not the snow in sokoto
the sunshine in antarctica

It’s not about you
It’s not about me
It’s not about christmas
It’s not about anything
It’s just something
Nobody or nothing
Can be
It’s about a love who died for you and me
So true, so new
Jesus loves you

What will you do?

Written by: Ebenezer Wikina

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