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No longer at ease
What we see today
May not be there tomorrow

The values of yesterday
Have virtually faded away
Nature seems to have lost its natural function

Posterity is in auto-control!
Everyday, man is faced with the challenge
Of environmental turmoil

Too often we record acrimony instead of ecstasy
For the world is no longer at ease!
No longer the same!

Peace and security have no place
Terrorists operate smoothly in my homeland
Bombing, fatal explosions, the order of everyday

The nation suffers the phobia of gathering
In celebration of nation-pride holiday
Freedom of worship, it’s infringed

Violently, they invade the sanctuary of saints
Performing massive massacre of innocent souls
And the murder inks cry for vengeance

My hometown government’s hand are maimed
Yet, active in embezzling the nation’s resources!
The cost of of living renders ‘the family pillar impotent!

Nations have no love for one another
Even within, our homogeneity breeds enmity
Local and international, evil rules

The Devil and his vermins from hell
Came down, and they reign as the ‘illuminats’
Role models became destructive instruments

The world is no longer at ease
Remember the scriptures’ forecast…
Of the end time!

Alas! She is going into extinction!
While it lingers, live your life
As candle flames, blown out in no time!

God is reaching out to you
Open up your heart
And let Him in!

Written by: Olajuwon Joseph Olumide
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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