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Read Time:1 Minute, 33 Second [Nigeria Of My Dream]
I weep in fear
I feel dim. It’s so drear
Longing for a ray of light
To make it come out bright
It started with a fight
Birthed great fright

Children out of sight
Parents get the bite
Eyes fading off
Plans falling off
War now our conclusion
Killing now a profession

Men, you can no longer trust
Like metal, hearts now rust
The wealthy defend their pockets
The masses carry empty buckets
Education is suffering death throes
Yet, “the youth are leaders of tomorrow”!

I cry for my dream
I wish it wasn’t so dim
I pray it comes true
After all what I have been through
Days of starvation
Days of stagnation

I see a new nation where the coat of arms means a lot
Where the anthem is not sang for naught
Where the currency is not bought
Where the flag is without blot
Where the motto calms down wrath
Where the leaders have the led in thought

I see citizens being equal
Where parental connections won’t be the ticket
I see men boasting of three square meals
I see our graduate smiling working place
I see all religious leaders eating from one bowl
I see the green in our flag showing on our lands

I see Nigeria lending to nations
I see education becoming a people’s right
I can’t wait to see this come true
But I need you, you and you to see what I am seeing
Let it come through and true in our time
Love and pray for Nigeria
And my dream, our dream can come true

Written by: Timothy Oluwatoyin Ogheneeofejiro Ewah
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson