NICTOPHILIA by Tukur Ridwan Ishola

Read Time:1 Minute, 30 Second

In contrast to my childhood fears
The dim of the dark is where my serenity rests
Solace is ever found
Where all is out of sight
As even the most minute miniature
Is cloaked in the deep
Of a pitch-black atmosphere.
In the night
I tend to delight!

To the thoughts of the world,
Comes sorrow in the night
But to the heaven within me:
After the rays of the scorching sun,
I find genuine glee by the moon-glow.
In the night,
I tend to delight!

What you deem nightmares,
I call foolish dreams
Because I swallow them
Into the guts of my spirit.
In the night
I tend to delight!

I can run swiftly along a boulevard
Without the fear of being overrun
I can sing soulfully
When the wind is my only audience
That carries the flow of my pitch
To the angels for recording,
And to the jinns for gyration
I can mine deeply
Into the bedrock of my feelings
To return with a gemstone
Of an outstanding array of diction.
In the night
I tend to delight!

Upon my rift with the day
I warmly embrace the apology of the night
‘Cause the ghost that scares thee away
Is the lullaby that lures me to sleep
After the hectic state of the daylight,
Comfort intersects with peace of mind.
In the night
I tend to delight!

You may say I’m nocturnal
After all, it’s not unnatural
Even when it comes to being spiritual,
At this time,
Most prayers meets their approval
This time, I converse with nature
This time, I get the invisible picture
And this time, I see beyond the future.
In the night
I tend to delight!

NICTOPHILIA by Tukur Ridwan Ishola