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Ashes blown to the air
Return dust to the face
That blew it

Life is all about reflections
The world reflects back to your face
The countenance it projects
It’s a mystery!

The evil deed of man,
Though as a sweet, slow poison
With time accumulates interest
The harvest is sure!

A wicked soul run about
When no one chases!

The top hierarchy state of life
Is a disguise of evil
The wicked seek refuge
In a bid to cover their atrocities

These men are drunk in their deceit
Using their influence to flare their bad records
Forgetting God’s record is incorruptible
And indestructible!

They mock
At the slow coming
Of the reckoning day
But the end justifies the means!

The unexpected visitor –
Yes! That is its nature
Visits at its leisure
Comes in the measure it deems fit
Leading many to untimely pit

The unwelcomed visitor
Manipulates the trap of nature
Never permits to set wrongs right
Yes! Man cannot eat his cake and have it

There is not a sowing time without reaping
If you sow thorns
Don’t expect corn,
From where comes grain
If all you’ve sown is pain?

If you live by the sword
Be sure to die by it
So says the word
All must dance to nature’s beat

Written by: Olajuwon Joseph Olumide and Williams Enechojo UniqueGloria
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