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NAKED TIDES by Oppong Clifford Benjamin

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Have you ever seen the sea undress
Throwing its waist about to impress
Coming closer in tides to you seduce
While you scream more for the juice
The tides
The sea
Are we mysteries to keep
or ancient science so deep?

We looked into the eyes of the erotic tides
The current at which it curves with no shame rides
The aphrodisiac groan its waves whisper in our ears
And I become jealous of those stones which over years
Stood to these tides without ejaculation or a blink
Thrust deep amorous sea,make us want more with a clink

We are flesh and blood
Lick us if you like with a flood
Touch her G-spot; she wont break
Smooth and gentle make us slake
Caress us; feel the warmth of our breast
Don’t stop; not even to rest
Feel the weight of your body against ours
Now suspire and resume labour for hours
Your heaving breath upon our skin.
The most gentle touch on our thigh,
The soft nibbling on my breasts –
Moving slowly in a downward motion.
Now you see,there’s no mystery here.
Its just a love affair between
The Sea,Its tides
and You and Me.