Read Time:1 Minute, 3 Second [Naked Race]
Our generation is in a race
Alien race is what the aged call it
Race of unclad damsels
Engaging their likes of lads
The race is alien to African culture
It’s a naked race

The race is a mess to the society
It has mesmerize and decayed, sprouting sexual abuse
The athletes appear in nude
They are here with swollen cheeks and cascading tears
Honoured with swollen tummy
Leaving the field to jabber with “had I known”
Fatherless baby is what they got
Living lessons to mocking peer group

Birth of their ‘honour’ is birth of a new crime
For Crime is what their tummy contains
Fatherless child got in a race
‘Civilization and computer Age’
How will they train them?
How will they explain to the unborn?
Who shall they point to as their father?

Naked race has engulf society
Athletes are rewarded with swollen tummy and withdrawn
Labour in regret, deliver a fatherless baby
And birth of a new crime…

Written by: Isah Bala
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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