Read Time:1 Minute, 1 Second [My Pen Power]
My sun rises in the East
Setting not in the West
The North sees me and smile
My brightness South deny not;
Turning moon’s direction
To beam on darkness places

My star illuminates men
turning riff raffs to Aaron’s rod, ever blossoming;
all by my PEN POWER

Obatala marvels at my creativity
Orunmila asks me of wisdom
Even Sango hides from my thund’rous voice

Mypen speaks justice more than Ayelala
My deified pen flows farther than Okun’s waves
I speak truth in plain and my pockets refuse bribe

Though yet not known
I am a poetic tailor
Sewing alpha to betas
Touching lives beyond
Leading the directionless

God knows I lie not
For He’s my source
Sending wisdom rain
Down on my head

I’ve bespectacled the blind
A ligament joining the rich and poor
Tied by same cord
All by my PEN POWER

Know, I was born for this
Bleeding will never stop
For it’s my nature

Leave me to my state
I pride not, never wearing a haughty gown
For I was born to HOLD A PEN.


Written by: Osemwengie Osaigbovo Zion
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson