MY LOVE NEEDS LIFE by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

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Is this love I sense?
The sweet seducing silence,
The strong static voice,
Sotto voce; sweet caress,
From our hearts’ first kiss.

Is this love that sings?
Sitting on my mood swings,
Relishing the bitterest of life’s things,
Snivelling with a cheerful heart,
Wearing our hearts like a hat.

Is this love that makes me rock?
Back and forth, tick tock,
Sweet solemn song of the clock.
The dainty things you do,
Makes the sweetness come through.

I could not keep my hello,
When I saw you glow,
Pretty gold and yellow,
Tick and tock; arousing the flow.

When I tell you, when you know,
When tears trickle down your face,
If you love me; you’ll let me know,
For with you I crave yonder days.

If later I don’t tell you all these,
It’s better as it is,
I’ll keep on ravishing you,
Though the sky could stop being blue,
The sun could be rude,
The moon could sneer,
I won’t falter nor steer,
The future might still do us good.

Though, a day without you is unbearable,
A lifetime without you; unfathomable,
My words, my works, my world,
Would be bare and bald,
Life without you would be a heinous crime,
Life without you would be a waste of time.

Still, I won’t falter nor steer,
Even though I hunger and fear,
My love needs life,
Yet, tomorrow knows my wife.

MY LOVE NEEDS LIFE by Oluwaseyi Olatunji


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