MY LADY, MY MISTRESS by Adeosun Pelumi

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Oh! How my sodden heart leaped when I saw her,
She is mine and I would fight war III to keep her so
But when the ambiance of her presence fades with her departure
Ah! Woe!
Who is she to think me a minion
For I, who have dined with David,
Have no master,
No! I will not succumb to her, as my mistress.

Then I would lapse back into that ominous bosom of depression
From whence I would plot ways by which
Nature could expunge this wonderful error that walked the earth.

But I, in my foolishness, would call unto her,
Her absence had been noticed and my heart aches with loneliness
Oh, What a magnificent sight!
I would think to myself, as I could see her from afar,
And that accursed and unbidden smile
Tweaked my cheek and made a Cheshire of me.

I am doomed, heaven knows as hell does too,
Whose otherworldly daughter is this?
Of what is this maiden made?
Why does she beguile my unwitting attention and devotion so easily?
I would let those questions wash over me like the waves of a turbulent sea;
Of which I am buried beneath with no breath I could call mine.

I prayed unto the welkin for a blind sight,
But each time I beheld her, I am blinded by her beauty;
Ah! Such beauty!
Men would kill to have her in their arms,
Or perhaps, it was just me thinking so?

The solution to my problem
Could never be brewed by a mere alchemist,
Not even a sip from Lethe would do,
I seek a divine one but from whence?
Perhaps, I should consider the hangman’s trick; the noose,
And let my derailed spirit watch as my body wavers like a rickety swing at a school Park?

MY LADY, MY MISTRESS by Adeosun Pelumi


© July-11-2015

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