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MY ETERNAL HOME (APOCALYPSE & A PRAYER) by Ikirigo Sokari Jeremiah

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I dream of an eternal home
Where God and his angels roam
A place far much better than Rome
Whose glories makes my joys foam

A land of love, a land of light
A land where everyone acts right
A land of peace, a place of sight
Where God’s glory shines so bright

A land of joy, a place of rest
For God’s people and the blest
A land of ease, full of life
Devoid of hunger, pain and strife

A land of freedom, wish and plenty
A place where comfort’s but a norm
A place of warmth and ecstasy
Where worship’s done, in its purest form

A land of pleasure, stillness and gay
Where there be, no night nor day
Where its streets are made of gold
Which can never turn out old.

That land of promise, my Canaan land,
Wherein dwells, my Lord’s host band
Oh! dear Lord, please hold my hands,
Till I step me on, thy kingdom’s land.

The needed grace, to follow you
Give me Lord, I here beg you
Till I reach, your home at last
May I be seen, holding on fast!

I have another home in view
In the heavens above, beyond the blue.