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Read Time:55 Second [Music Unchained]
Music has been the cord
Binding us to our past
It has ruled as a Lord
Casting our devils aside

We do hereby pronounce
Death and dearth
To all insane dance steps
And lame, limping, lyrics

Bare breasted chicks and tattooed hunks
Lines upon lines of repeated gibberish
Mediocre language and brainless themes
Glorification of lost ideals,
Money, weed, thugs and drugs,
Now the spine of our songs!

So I plead
In the name of:
Onyeka Onwenu
King Sunny Ade
Chief Osadebe
Fatai Rolling Dollar
Orlando Owoh
Majek Fashek
Sunny Okotie
Sade Adu
Sir Victor Uwaifo
Mamman Shata

Let our children name themselves
And shine forth as the sun
It matters not how slick you flow
If your words give not the young
A foothold this treacherous world
We no more fear the dark
The moon shall guide us

Any more of this damning music
Shall be disclaimed
Shall be maimed
And its street credibility slain!

Written by: Chikatito Jones
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson