MOSQUITOES by Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

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Arise, Lifeless body:
And feed me more
As the day goes greedy
To steal from your shore;
With lists of its need,
And food to feed.

Mosquito, Leave me alone:
And drag not my feet
To your fearless throne
Where blood you make meat
For whence I die,
I’ll be buried in your piteous eye.

Advice the gutter that it shines:
And springs with dirt
The backyard that it be a shrine
In what charge, if not malaria and death;
If I disturb you not while sleeping,
Then know, cleanliness is worth keeping.

I will be alright:
Though I lay like a log
Awaiting your commanding might
While asleep like a watch dog
Once I clap, you will die,
And lifeless, you shall lie.

Though little I be:
And winks blow me away
I appreciate nature, that made me
An irritation in all your day
Advice homes on a clean-up exercises,
For we’re many in bigger sizes.

MOSQUITOES by Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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