MOOD OF PRAYER by Cletus Nnaemeka

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Could remember those days
We prayed in wonderful ways
What a wonderful thing!

That voice..”let’s pray”,
“girls get your hair ties”
“everyone, close your eyes”.
It was actually time to ‘pray’

Less concerned.
Order made us more distracted,
cos we became visionaries.

Then came this acumen!
Some saw with an eye half closed.
Others through hands on the face closed.
We really did good when it came to echoing ‘Amen’.

Things never seen normally,
we saw only then.
Oil stains, ink on licking pen
Unbuttoned clothes and a hidden cutlery.

Knelling and leaning on the furniture
We got inspirations too!
Clear tracks and view
About the next adventure.

Woe betide you,
If caught,
Knock on the head suffices not.
It often than not ended black and blue!

MOOD OF PRAYER by Cletus Nnaemeka

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