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MONEY BECOMES ELECTION by Oluwaseyi Olatunji

Read Time:1 Minute, 18 Second

In scramble of parties for the public purse,
money becomes election_
and duties are forsaken.
Yes! Our husband abdicates his onus,
now they say he’s an imbecile,
some say he don craze before before,
perhaps, he has gone mad again,
or, he was always mad,
but, are we not to blame!

Money becomes election,
the wig is replaced with a hat,
the gavel’s voice becomes hoarse,
cause it is termite infested.
The house is divided like a loose broom,
yet, prepares tomorrow’s shopping list.
And who are we to raise a brow?
Didn’t we put our kinsman there?
Or did money not become election?!

Money becomes election,
the eagle is on a leash,
grown bald like a vulture,
also has bad sight,
always scavenging for leftovers of lions,
Dogs too become sycophants,
wagging tails for trifles,
and bark only to flash their dirty fangs!
The home is left unguarded,
looters to the rescue!

Money becomes election,
their rod and staff ceases comforting,
yams no longer sprout in heaps,
labourers sweat on empty bellies,
the town crier’s gong seized,
only to announce biased details,
like, “he’s arrived from London”…
our investment was wasted_
the moment we cashed out!
We voted money in the election!

We’ve cast our bangles again in vain,
days remain hot and hazy,
and nights numb and moonless,
certificates clutters the street,
geniuses fade away unknown,
while fools feed and fatten_
at the expense of our impoverished pockets,
tragedy romps in our bellies
and lulls our heart,
for all have seen and felt a shot of it’s gory!