Read Time:1 Minute, 9 Second [Many Miles To Peace]
Is there a land of no violence?
A constant stillness; from far you hear its silence.
A land of quiet beauty,
No flaws in its society or sobriety.

Is there a land of no greed?
Revamped with love, tranquility exceeds;
A land far from chaos,
No segregation of tribe, all pious.

A land where guns cease to break bones;
Bullets, no more chopsticks for drones;
A place of no sorrow, no tears
Or struggles for tomorrow’s cares.

A place with no mask for attacks
Where laughter will never be lacked.
Where ‘lock horns’ is only an act
Of fun and no evicts of reacts.

That place of ease,
Where religion matters not, but peace.
Arms of love engrossed
And anger in sands enclosed.

We’re many miles to Peace’ place
It seems so with all this craze;
In this land ensconced with hatred,
A people of war created.

Hear; threats from North and South;
Songs of lamentation fill our mouths.
Several souls are gifted to death,
And many of us left in blood debt.

Is there a place of purity?
Portrayed by the coat of unity,
“No longer at ease” Papa said of our polity.
We will dance to the tune of hostility.

Written by: Matthew Gokum
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson