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MADNESS by Ezeokoye Vanessa Onyinye

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So I entered the conference hall ready to recite my poem
So my pulses began again in this fridge of emotion
So I broke out and stood out like a fierce fairy fable.
So my red raged face turned rash like the earth’s chasm
Fostering this delirious act just the same minute i stood on the podium

The aberration of this kind I began to stutter scrupulously, because,
This innate muse vivaciously vented its venom on me
I voiced out the first stanza of the poem which eluded me with unfeigned fanaticism
Purging the absurdity of my dementia
And leaving my eyes to leave my ears, disconnecting my organs

Instantly, With the derangement of my soul
I stopped my rhymes
My whole body seized and shook
I stopped my rhymes with no going back syndrome
I was about to burst with my innate muse controlling me without control.

Off I zoomed at my peak,
Uttering words I could not decipher.
My manuscript flew down as I left the hall like a mad man chasing nothing.
The hysterical emotions of my loved ones subsumed the arena
Like the innate essential spittle of the eyes.

The rhymes and puns filled my brain
And bursting my belly with tongue talking
Nothing could end this, it was my era of attacks by my fertile inspiration.
This is my tale, which is an incurable tale.
How I lost my mind to the spirit of poetry.

The portrait of a poet as a mad man

MADNESS by Ezeokoye Vanessa Onyinye