MADIBA (Nelson Mandela by Oliver Sherman)

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Lord take these lines
to the old lion, Madiba
oh how his eyes still shine
so full of life and I,
seem to be wasting mine
see, by the time he was my age
he had already written the next page
in the story of his nation’s great future
for so many years he was caged
a mere beast would’ve choked on rage
but not the noble lion Mandela… Makana…
Great Father!
lift your tattered mane once again!
cross the savannah!
loose your mighty roar to the wind!
shake the heart of the earth mother!
and if she calls you in
break not your stride
you leave us with pride
indeed inside, I am a part of that pride
the tribe, of man,
blind to black or white…
red, gold and green
are the only colors we see
and the only fealty we feel
is to the standard of the Lion
so mighty Lord…
please… take these lines
or better yet take the nine lives
of these false cats wasting time
and give them instead to the humble lion…
Kukuza kuka Nxele
the journey is never over!

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