Read Time:50 Second [Lust]
I wonder how long you awful sin
Shall share with me this little heart
And make me, kingdom race be lost
By flooding lust through my vein

I should but say man has vast earth,
Which you and your seeds breed
Descending from, old, youth, and birth
And besides, you do in my heart feed

O sweet dreadful sin!
You attend me with a glance of porn
When you’re sure, I can’t you win
Just at the time my flesh seeks fun

And I drill the hole of lust
Seeking the gold of pleasure
In her open-legs to paradise lost
The funeral of eternal treasure

It’s so strange, when Jesus comes into my heart
Sin, the heart clear of you would seem
For nor of your seeds breed again in my heart
As if your presence in me was in a dream


Written by: James T. Abel Adesitimi

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