LOST DREAMER by Stephen Onawale

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I bring to you words from the distant land, a world you once knew, from the land of immense possibilities.

A world where fear is vanquished and fish fly in the sky. Listen to her words:

How painful it has been for me to watch you settle for mediocrity and wallow in confusion.
You wonder why I have been silent so long.
You left me to drown in the pool of faithlessness.
Remember as a child, we had great dreams together,
We set our eyes into the heavens and reached for the stars
We wanted to build castles in the sky
Create things unknown yet to man(human)
We wanted to build our empire right in the heart of the ocean, the heart of mother Earth.

But our dreams like an angel fall from a lofty height cane crashing deep into the valley of frustration
Our hopes crushed and buried beneath the rocks
Thus happened when you stopped “believing ”
I love you and hate seeing you like this
You’ve been fed lies my dear,
You we’re told there are rules guiding the game of life
You were shown boundaries of achievement,
You we’re told there us a speed limit in the race of success
All these built a thick wall of Babylon around your mind and you become trapped with unlimited dreams within you
Frustration encroach your mind and you stopped believing

Don’t give up on hope
It’s never too late to revive your dream
Throw off the limit others placed on you
Like a Phoenix emerging from it ashes
Eliminate limitations that cling soon tight to your dream
I know it’s not too late

Use all you’ve been through, your mistakes, failures, fears, pains and tears as wind beneath your wings to soar once again
The world awaits your manifestation
Wake up, it’s time to fly.
Dee (The Dreamer in you)

LOST DREAMER by Stephen Onawale

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