Read Time:46 Second [Live Birth]
Let all talk together
In the presence of the Brother
The clouds now gather
None knows the weather
With affection, all bother

How big, fellow brothers?
The punch hits your mothers
Before the eyes of million-viewers
Just for a token of dollars
And the feminine image suffers

Winning is the quest
In the nude is the best
Is live to keep you abreast
As they off dress to the breast
Till it’s addressed I won’t rest

Is time, we make decision
What comes to our vision
The fight is women’s mission
They must battle with passion
And restore the invaluable position

House! Let the dog loose
That hunts the channels’ refuse
But our mind must first refuse
These reality shows that abuse
Where winning is just a bruise

Written by: Anold Ali Ovurevu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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