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Read Time:1 Minute, 20 Second [Letter To My Brother]
Dear brother,
Mother told me that you now brag around
Wearing sagging rags, calling it swags
You wear women adornments. Its swank!
Vagrant fool you are, seeking notice

Many chant your moniker before you
And spit long hisses when you turn your back
Fine boy you, you chase them all
Both firm and wilted breasts
Fisherman catching fishes all around

Mother’s words fall on deaf ears
And you say Father is old school material
Wisdom from the lips of wise men is smelly
They sought to farm your weedy mind
But you would rather preen around like a peacock

Oh, you say you are educated!
Why does ignorance still mould your thought?
Why are you stiff-necked, why spurn correction?
What will you teach the young ones growing up?
What will Ambrose and Musa learn from you?

Dear brother,
It pains me to hear what you’ve become
Is it not time for the crawling baby to walk?
Face reality; clean the cobwebs in your thoughts
And remove folly’s wool from your eyes

Remember Father’s words
And the things mother taught us
You need not sag with rags to be noticed,
Dress as you would be addressed
And walk only with reasonable fellows

I believe after reading this letter of mine,
You will humbly trace back to your root
Dressed in humility, a new character and a change of mind,
Remember you are mere dust?

Your loving brother

Written by: Moses Opara
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson