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Lets have it shining, between our breast
The enviable lamp of endless friendship
That many seek out to steal,
In the flowing pond of togetherness

Lets have it shining, upon our pate
The glowing crown, of “forever been sincere”
That cleanse every dot painted of hate
Lets have it shining upon our pate

Twas the day of marrying wonders
When i fell off, my golden horse of knowledge
I bruised my lips, upon the chain of ignorance
But the balm of hope, relieved my bleeding doubt
When i cross my heart, with the thought of a friend

Curiosity will always wed anxiety
If we didn’t lift our staff, to the wind of question
Whirling around, in our awkward mind
The question of, Why would they be greater than i?

Life is a doubted rock
That build several pores, in its enclose cave
Thousand, had walked into the question of life
Of which few are but answered

I will have it gleaming, always in my heart
If you will forever, lash me with your smile
The sun of glory, that tickles with love
I will have it shining, if you won’t case to be a friend?

Written by: Taofiqat Nasiru Ayomide

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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