LET US MAKE LOVE by Joshua Levites

Female hand close-up playing on acoustic guitar.
Read Time:34 Second

Let us make love,
Just the two of us.
We should light up their various eyes
With the liveliness of our intimacy

Let me passionately hold you
In my arms.
Your neck,
Fitting into my willing palm.

Let my hand rest
On your gracious curves
As I tickle your cores.

Let us make love,
Your sequential sounds
punctuating my tickles.
Let there be harmony
In the screams of our sacred fellowship.
Let me hear you scream,
Even as i stroke.

Let our loud voices,
Travel to the neighborhood.
Let them be awoken
From tiring slumber.

Let’s brighten them up.
Let’s give them a show.

Let us make love
Come, Guitar.

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