KPOHACHIM: by Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu

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Do not cry?
Did you really say
I shouldn’t cry?
Twas just yesterday
I saw her last.
Full of life,
Full of smiles.
Twas last night I bade her ‘Goodnight’
She died with yesterday
Why I’m I still alive?
I promised ne’er to leave her.

Black out, Thou Sun.
Dim, dim, dim, you Moon.
Shine you no more,
You two.
Can’t you see I’m sad?
Don’t you feel my tears?
Watch now, my tears flow.
Watch my fears grow.
Hear my heart stop.
Feel my hands go numb.
Dig me a six feet hole,
Take me to yesterday,
Where I left my rib bone.

Yesterday, yes
To the day we first met.
Show me how she melt
Into my palm
As I held her tiny waist.
To my muse
The muse I traded for blues.
To poetry
The god-lady I traded for technology.

Come brother
Come sister
Get me a rope
Tie me to the rope
Tie it around my neck-line
Tie it to the hands of time
No, on the hour hand.
Set it backwards
Can it be faster?
Back to the beginning.

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