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I look at myself and others,
And I’m able to see who they truly are.
That’s who I am as I see:
So when I’m true and happy,
That’s who they are, just the same.

But knowledge, which is truth, knows.
It sees through the eyes of sympathy
And it’s clear compassion condemns no one.
That’s why knowledge is power, full of pity:
It manoeuvres not men with less of it.

Knowledge is truer than money and meat,
Better than information in strength and longevity.
No truth without knowledge,for knowledge knows.
And that which knows saves, keeps and gives.
Love and peace, its purpose pursues.

No one is truly rich and not truthful.
Knowledge is truth.
That when known can save,
Setting free from sorrow the souls of men.
The lack of it leads to (a) lack in all.

Now, be noble and search for it,
Not for self but for surmounting it.
That true knowledge will wet your throat,
As you know yourself and others
Because knowledge knows.

Written by: Tosin Oluwadare
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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