KISS WITH THE FIST by Ojembe Victor

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The cathedral down the lane
Fully eclipsed with naïve souls
The resonating bells
Ushering the love birds

We saw flowers
Dropping from engraved plates
With hands locked in sweetness
They walked down the aisle

Their smiles resonates rusty cymbals
Laughter, giving us quick orgasm
They graciously tongue kissed
Amidst onlookers

Their first conjugal night,
Energetically blissful
Like fairytale orchard,
Releasing its elixir

Other nights,
More like sour taste
Like kiss with the fist
New yam been pounded
Her body,
A newly bought canvass
His hateful fist,
A working calligraphic pen

Like many bunch of five,
Throbbing her fleshy face
She sort for early relief
Banging the door in quick escape

She flew into heaven
But found hell

KISS WITH THE FIST by Ojembe Victor

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