KAYEEFI by Yemi Osadiya

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After KAYEEFI was born and bath
Her veil was as tattered as a torn net
Only a few friending shame vowed partnership.

As time crept to welcome stages
Her emergence and nature became a star
She fights moral at every quarter
Riding on the wings of civilization
Her Veil peeled off, now in pure nakedness
She rolls around with flapping ass
It is a”kayeefi”! All men marry her.

Spreading her base as wide as ground on earth;
She is the Head at Homes
Navigating vehicles of immoralities!
At work places; A manager
Abbeting claps on fiddling skills!
On the street; A chatty wanderer
Edifying gospel of anomalism!
At political shows; A seamstress
Sowing agbadas of corruption!
An appointed Justice in courts
Where crimes are crimeless!
And crimeless are crimes!
In friendships; A true friend
Fastening friendship cord to cut!
Strengthening belts of betrayal!
At religious homes; a soothsayer
Conjuring blessings of scandals and disunity!
In the evening of her flame, she is arrested
Bragging over satisfaction and her eternity
She is charged for atrocities in moral Kingdom
Beheading is the judgement agreed upon
KAYEEFI is as endowed as Banana Tree!
What death would kill KAYEEFI for her Flaw?
Is a question rumbling the Moral Kingdom.


  1. KAYEEFI: kayeefi is a core yoruba word known and commonly used in Yoruba Land. Yoruba people tend to say “Kayeefi” when they see something uncommon, strange, dreadful and abnormal in the society. The saying is normally accompanied with the action of being poised, raising your eyebrow and putting your hands on your chest, all at the same time.
  2. AGBADA; The word “Agbada” is also a yoruba word to describe a kind of

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