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The anathemas came with some sinful acumen
to maim the assiduous citizens of their belongings…
But there was no approbations to welcome the hapless visitors;
only the cacophony of wrath and repercussions to reward their toils.
Judgement day is come!

So let both the sowers and the harvest-bands
settle some deleterious scores…
Some constitutions must be opened
amidst wild crying crowd
Aye! Blood must flow!

The termites that continuously enervate farmers are caught
Clemency must be eschewed at all cost
This is indeed the moment of an eye for an eye…
There will be no legal proceedings to aid exculpate them from guilts;
only feral laws to push them into untimely extinction

Night is the moment of sleep and peace
But not with the light fingered fellows
To them it’s the moment of raids and extortions
Yesterday they maimed us with great pains
Tonight, we repay them for their unpardonable cruelty

Call us barbarians as it pleases you
But you can’t deny the fact that your constant attacks have inured us into this
Or is it crime to be magnanimous in nature?
So criticize us less…
We only give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

Iron sharpens iron… Shun the valid laws!
Aye, we must resort to this awkward creed
to cleanse ourselves from these modern time miscreants
Pardon is of the Lord
but Caesar can’t wait that long.

Written by: Abel Iseyen Ancientman

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