ITOMO by Oni Stephen

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With go and go my fathers had served you,
With do and don’t my mother had served you,
You made them dance naked in the horrendous harmattan that crossed from the north
They obeyed like a bird without a song
The only song they had was
You made them pay obeissance to your totem
Promising them victory in several war
You were indeed true to your promises-
War booties from the north
Slaves and “idakole” from every port
Since I was a child I knew you
I knew your witty chilvaric abracadabra
You bade me cast to river
River “Oya” that flow from Osun to “odoigbo”
I survived your attempted infanticide
Yet my fathers and mothers were carried away,
Marooned to an eldorado of their utopian mind,
Away in the razmattazz of your “owusuwusu”
The spell that hypnotized their consciousness,
Itomo, I say no to your proposal
I decline to be your worshipper
Last night you took away my father
Just last night my mother kissed the earth
Sinking deep down the raveneous, hungry earth

What do you have to say to this?
Itomo, I seek your response
So you can’t talk! Are you just a plank?
Itomo, my virgin sisters had dance the dance of shame
My defiled sisters’ blood had watered your barren land
Itomo, would you please say something?

***ITOMO – a goddess

ITOMO by Oni Stephen

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