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Caught under the darkening sky
The unfathomable heavy down poor
As thunder roars
Yet another innocent blood
The weeping earth
This flood of tears
Will it ever cease?

Mortals go about daily
In patches of tears and sorrow
Beholding wails
Mounting the throne of joy and furry
Shattering the bonds of oneness
Another upheaval of war
Yet another massacre
A fateful humanity

We voyage through pains and agony
We sail through storms and thorns
Gleaning pomes and spines
This is the world we live in
How many will u deny
The beauty of gray-headedness?
Oh sting!Are not graves regurgitating blood?
Are not statutes shedding tears?
Terror and dread
Are making us cower
A loving-hate
A bitter-sweet
Is the world like ours
O immortality come!
We yearn for thee

Dismay is here
Fishes leap high into the sky
Phoenix expires yet fails to resurrect
Lions fly
The wine of the harlot appeals palates
Pools are made of blood
Shall these continue to prevail?
Hope are being punctured
Conflict between evil and good
Right there in our heart on daily terms
This is another war
Who will win?
Our palates are being denied
The tasty flesh of monkeys and bats
Bathing with salt and water
Has been popularized
A therapy that snuffed the live out of many
Yet another gory
A cause for more tears

How long will these go on?
Who can save humanity?
O come!
Immortality come!
We yearn for thee

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